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Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation
The Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation (ARPF) is dedicated to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease by funding research studies and providing educational outreach and memory screenings.
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Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
Randal Brooks, MA, LPC
TREASURER (interim)
Kirti K. Khalsa
Kirti K. Khalsa
Carolyn Lucz
Simran S. Stuelpnagel
Dana Evans
Tryn Rose Seley
Chief Scientific Advisor
Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Boston, MA
Ma Gloria Borras-Boneu, M.D.
GRD Health Institute – Barcelona, Spain
Karen E. Innes, MSPH, Ph.D.
Western Virginia University School of Public Health – Morgantown, WV
Miia Kivipelto, M.D., Ph.D.
Aging Research Center and Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Karolinska Institute – Stockholm, Sweden
Karen Koffler, M.D.
Medical Director, Canyon Ranch Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL
Helen Lavretsky, M.D., M.S.
Professor, Department of Psychiatry UCLA Semel Institute and Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital – Los Angeles, CA
George Perry, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor, College of Sciences University of Texas at San Antonio – San Antonio, TX
Arti Prasad, M.D., FACP
Professor of Medicine
Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine
Executive Director, UNM Center for Life Albuquerque, NM
Michelle Sierpina, Ph.D.
Founding Director
UTMB Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston, TX
“Forget-Me-Not” is published
quarterly by the Alzheimer’s
Research & Prevention Foundation

President’s Message
Alzheimer’s Crisis and ARPF’s Bold Vision for the Future
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., Founding President/Medical DirectorAs you probably know, we are in a health care crisis. That’s right! The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease is continuing to rise as we age and has reached crisis proportions.When I first started this work over two decades ago, there were about 4 million people with this dreaded, mind-robbing illness, which is now our aging population’s number one fear. The latest statistics reveal that 5.4 million people have Alzheimer’s. And the predictions are dire.

If people do not undertake a preventive program – and I mean right now – then these numbers are expected to more than quadruple.

A goal has been set to prevent and cure Alzheimer’s by 2020 or no later than 2025, but almost all the money is going into drug research, which thus far has been elusive.

On the other hand, the research into integrative medicine, or what is also referred to as “non-pharma,” has been so robust that it has gotten the attention of even the main Alzheimer’s organizations.

In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association’s most recent journal, called Alzheimer’s and Dementia, led with three articles on diet and Alzheimer’s risk reduction. Can you guess what type of diet it is? If you said the Mediterranean-type of plant-based diet I’ve been discussing since our inception in 1993, you’re correct. That particular issue also has an article about how poor sleep increases Alzheimer’s risk, and one about exercise and risk reduction as well.

Your ARPF has been at the forefront of Alzheimer’s prevention, and we’re not about to stop now. In fact, we’re about to experience a renaissance. We have a bold new vision to solve the Alzheimer’s crisis: to make sure everyone on the planet knows about our scientifically-proven Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention. See our new developments on Page 5 of this issue.

Beyond that, we are in the early stages of creating a large new study I call Meditation for Alzheimer’s Prevention (M4AP). This work will continue our ground-breaking work on Kirtan Kriya, a brain-enhancing meditation exercise that is safe, affordable, fast, and effective. I’ll have more to share about that in the near future.

So please relax and enjoy the holiday season with your family. And rest easy knowing that together, we are doing everything possible to ensure that none of us become an Alzheimer’s statistic.

Thanks to your support, we will solve the Alzheimer’s crisis. Please consider making a generous year-end donation to further the research efforts of the ARPF at www.alzheimersprevention.org.

I wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season and a healthy and happy New Year.

Yours in Brain Health,
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
Founding President/Medical Director

Meet Our New Board Member
Edward Steinfeldt, MA
Edward Steinfeldt, MAMr. Steinfeldt is based in Santa Barbara, California, and has worked in the senior living industry for over three decades. Trained as a healthcare administrator at The George Washington University, he consults throughout the United States. His experience as a consultant, manager, and owner has afforded him the insight that comes with years of experience, operations, and successful new projects and turnarounds.

His company, Steinfeldt & Associates, has been working with not-for-profit and for-profit developers of senior living housing and health care communities, including continuing care, assisted living, memory support, hospice, and skilled nursing. His goal is to assist developers in creating a vision which serves the local community, and the individuals living within it.

In His Own Words

“At this age, I love every season. Now that I am approaching another birthday in my 60’s, it is ever so true. Each day I start with a meditation and write in a journal. I have kept a journal for over 40 years, and actually am writing the ‘book’ that highlights the existence, growth, loves, disappointments, and gratitude for this life.

I am a person who has worked hard and continue to do so. After all, the work that I do is very rewarding, purposeful, and useful as it serves other people and my family. I’ve had many exciting adventures and everyday experiences to share and learn from. I do not believe my experience is all that different from others, but it is one that I am proud of. It has been challenging and rewarding. You don’t get to be my age without upsets and difficulties also. However, life comes with the ability to set good intentions and exceed them. Sometimes we just need to get out of the way. It is not always about doing one’s best. Sometimes it is just being one’s best, and letting the universe help you.

I look forward to contributing to the mission of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, and wish everyone a happy holiday season.”

Edward Steinfeldt
“Life comes with the ability to set good intentions and exceed them.”

– Edward Steinfeldt

UNM New Research Partner for ARPF
The University of New MexicoDr. Khalsa, ARPF President and Medical Director, has been named Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, also known as the Center for Life, at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here, he will engage in further research supporting the prevention of Alzheimer’s utilizing holistic approaches. The ARPF expects to collaborate closely with the center’s Executive Director and founder, Dr. Arti Prasad, division chief of general internal medicine, geriatrics, and integrative medicine at UNM’s School of Medicine, as well as the center’s experienced and gifted researchers.

“I am honored to work within the University of New Mexico and its talented staff to continue to prove that we can help ourselves, right now, by utilizing an integrative medical approach to build a healthier, stronger brain and to prevent cognitive decline,” said Dr. Khalsa.

UNM’s Center for Life is a state of the art integrative and intercultural center for prevention and wellness, treating people with a wide range of health issues using a vast array of ancient and modern techniques.

This group enjoyed the Brain Carnival, as you can see!
This group enjoyed the Brain Carnival, as you can see!

I’m so grateful to work with such generous, like-minded people, and for how well we work together toward a common goal of service to senior adults. Our “Brain Carnival” this spring was well-received both by our clients and the community as a whole. To help streamline the event, we set up the carnival in stations, which included: Mindfulness Meditation (Kirtan Kriya), Writing Haiku, Legacy Writing, Juggling, Sensory Art, Aromatherapy, 7 Words of Wisdom, Coloring Mandalas, Parachute Play and Drumming. Overall, it was an amazing experience.

I am thankful for the communication and support of our mission by organizations like yours. Our clients now know about the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation, and your generous support.

Warmest regards,
Sheila Levenhagen

Balance & Fitness
Yoga Instructor
Steady For Life
Huntsville, Alabama


ARPF’s Annual Meeting
The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation held our Annual Meeting in October 2015 in Tucson. Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa and Kirti Khalsa greeted and appreciated every member of the team. Our Program Director, Dana Evans, attended from Colorado, our Chief Communications Officer, Simran S. Stuelpnagel from New Mexico, and several representatives from the state of Arizona. Dr. Khalsa led opening remarks, and invited us to practice the Kirtan Kriya, the brain-healthy meditation we’ve researched for over a decade, at the end of our formal meeting. We welcomed guests and supporters from the community for a reception, where we provided brain-healthy and delicious foods like blueberries, raspberries, and dark chocolate, and had wonderful conversations about wellness.It was an energetic, positive meeting. Every member of the staff has found the ARPF for a reason: we are yoga teachers, social workers, retired air force, higher education professionals, psychology majors, healers, musicians, and more. We come together to serve others with great inspiration and optimism. We have a shared vision and desire to see Alzheimer’s fade into the background, and healthy lives for all of us come to the forefront.

Your ARPF Team, L to R: Simran S. Stuelpnagel, Chief Communications Officer; Tryn Rose Seley, Newsletter Editor, Educator; Linda Sharp, M.Ed; Educator, Local Representative Marilyn Kaler, Customer Service; Kirti Khalsa, COO; Dr. Khalsa, President; Dana Evans, Program Director; Bee Berger, Volunteer; Eileen Pattarozzi, Administrative Assistant; Austin Chambers, Order Fulfillment.


Community Outreach

OCTOBER 8, 2015
AARP Mesa Caregiving Forum
Mesa, AZ
NOVEMBER 17-19, 2015
Two presentations at the 2015
SharpBrains Virtual Summit
Web-based Seminar
JANUARY 20, 2016
Tucson Estates Health Fair
Tucson, AZ
NOVEMBER 2, 2015
Presentation at Fellowship Square
Retirement Community
Tucson, AZ
NOVEMBER 18, 2015
ARPF Teleseminar:
The Caregiver’s Journey
MARCH 12-13, 2016
Memory Screening Day and
exhibit booth at the Tucson
Festival of Books
Tucson, AZ
NOVEMBER 5, 2015
Presentation and exhibit booth at
the Brain Futures 2015 – MHAMD
Centennial Conference Annapolis, MD
DECEMBER 5, 2015
International Holiday Bazaar at
St. Michael’s Church
Tucson, AZ
MAY 17-20, 2016
Presentation and exhibit booth
at the Integrative Medicine & Health
Las Vegas, NV
NOVEMBER 7, 2015
AZ Men’s Health and Wellness Expo,
Mayo Clinic
Phoenix, AZ
JANUARY 16-17, 2016
Presentation and exhibit booth
at the 14th Annual Mild Cognitive
Impairment Symposium
Miami Beach, FL



ARPF Research Update: A New Priority
by Tryn Rose Seley
2015 has been an exciting one for the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation. Because we believe in both funding valuable research and choosing a healthy lifestyle, we have plenty to share with the world about changing the predicted statistics about Alzheimer’s disease.For more than 2 decades, we’ve planned, seen through, and continued studies on our Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention. This year, we’ve made a change – a new, broader priority.

From our first newsletter of the year, Dr. Khalsa, who is an anesthesiologist by training, said: “…I’m certainly not opposed to the use of pharmaceuticals that work. However, as of yet, the available FDA approved drugs don’t fit that bill very well.”

Our Fourth Pillar has been Medicines for more than 20 years. Now, we’ve learned from our research studies that becoming spiritually disciplined bears more fruit than counting on medications in a predictable way.

From our Third quarter newsletter, we introduced the summary of the new Fourth Pillar:

including service, enjoying
the company of like-minded
people, and living your
mission and purpose in life.

Andrew B. Newberg, M.D., is director of research at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Two quotes from his article in the Journal of the American Society on Aging (Volume 35, Number 2) read:
The Four Pillars of Alzheimer's Prevention

“Evidence suggests that meditation, prayer, and other related religious and spiritual practices may have significant effects on the aging brain – positive effects that may help improve memory and cognition, mood, and overall mental health (p. 83).” and “Meditation practice and increased mindfulness are related to improved attention functions and cognitive flexibility (p. 88).”

At our Annual Meeting in October, Dr. Khalsa invited us to understand that all spiritual disciplines can lead to stress reduction, and benefit our overall health, whether it’s serving others, practicing meditation, saying a prayer, and choosing a life purpose and actively following it. All of these practices are valuable and measurable. Because your ARPF shares life strategies that we can truly stand behind, we’ve made “Spiritual Fitness” our new Fourth Pillar.

In that same newsletter, we had a lot of people to thank for making our efforts a success in the fight against Alzheimer’s:

“…we acknowledge more than 1,300 donors, for which we are very grateful. Your contributions keep our research going strong.”

Please join us as we go forward in the new year, continuing our ground-breaking research and choosing our positive, effective lifestyle approaches.

Please see our current and developing research studies at www.alzheimersprevention.org.

Newberg, Andrew B. “Spirituality and the Aging Brain.” Generations: Journal of the American Society on Aging Volume 35, Number 2 (Summer 2011):83, 88. Print and online.

THANK YOU to Our Generous Donors!>

Dana Evans
New Program Director,
Dana Evans

Dana has a background in marketing, social campaigns and website management. In her previous career, she managed online health and wellness programs for Fortune-100 companies. This work gives her perspective for what it takes to design, develop, plan and execute programs and ensure success for both the company and the employees.

While Dana enjoyed this work, she was looking for something that had a more substantial impact on others. As a certified yoga instructor and avid foodie, wellness and preventative care have always been important to her. This, paired with her work background, made ARPF the perfect match for her new path. She is excited to dive into the world of preventative health and focus her skill set on something meaningful to the entire population. She is looking forward to being a part of this growing non-profit.

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