30 Years Conference Feedback

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The ARPF Conference, the research, the speakers, the participants, the energy –everything was incredible. We are not exaggerating. We wanted to share some of the feedback we received.

“I am still vibrating from the amazing conference in Phoenix last weekend. Kudos to you both, and everyone involved in putting on this educational conference. All of the presentations and speakers were so inspiring and I learned a lot myself about how I can help my 92-year old mom who is experiencing more symptoms of Dementia every day. Everything about the weekend sessions was fabulous!” – Sherry M., RYT

“It was great to meet the ARPF team in person at the conference. Thanks for all your work to make the conference run smoothly and be so informative.” – Sheri H.

There’s more good news! You will be able to access all the sessions of the Conference… stay tuned.

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