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We are thrilled to share that another major medical journal, The Lancet, has published a report on the success of preventing Alzheimer’s through the modification of risk factors. It is titled, “Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission.” ARPF has been advocating this same message for 27 years!

Their research is a powerful echo of ARPF’s mission to prevent Alzheimer’s by means of healthy lifestyle choices. The journal stated, “It is never too early and never too late in the life course for dementia prevention. Early-life (younger than 45 years) risks, such as less education, affect cognitive reserve; midlife (45–65 years), and later-life (older than 65 years) risk factors influence reserve and triggering of neuropathological developments.”

ARPF-funded studies have shown similar results. A large percentage of those who are in most need of intervention have had the greatest return in brain health. Your ARPF has championed educating the public on ways to prevent AD through the 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention®: Diet and Supplements, Stress Management, Exercise, and Spiritual Fitness. These Pillars can be easily applied and are effective at any stage in life. “Culture, poverty, and inequality are important obstacles to, and drivers of, the need for change to cognitive reserve. Those who are most deprived need these changes the most and will derive the highest benefit from them.” For this reason, our integrative research such as Kirtan Kriya (KK) yogic meditation is Safe Affordable Fast and Effective (SAFE). We have made KK readily available online at alzheimersprevention.org. The commitment one has to take to reap the benefits of KK is very low in cost and time– something everyone can take advantage of.

Furthermore, The Lancet goes on to state, “We recommend keeping cognitively, physically, and socially active in midlife and later life.

Keeping people with dementia physically healthy is important for their cognition. People with dementia have more physical health problems than others of the same age but often receive less community health care and find it particularly difficult to access and organise care. People with dementia have more hospital admissions than other older people, including for illnesses that are potentially manageable at home. They have died disproportionately in the COVID-19 epidemic. Hospitalisations are distressing and are associated with poor outcomes and high costs.”

Staying physically active during COVID-19 has become increasingly difficult. However, there are safe and cost-effective ways to exercise at home or outside at a safe distance from others. For those who cannot leave their homes, YouTube has free exercising programs and virtual walking videos that everyone can enjoy. Those who are able to go outside should take advantage of nature’s many stress-free activities. Simply going for a walk, hike, or bike ride will help keep the mind and body in good mental and physical shape. Please make sure to follow your area’s guidelines on public safety measures. 

The Lancet researchers, similar to our past studies, suggest creating environments that have physical activity as a norm, reducing the population profile of blood pressure rising with age through better patterns of nutrition, and reducing potential excessive noise exposure.

ARPF now offers the most complete training for preventing AD. The Online Brain Longevity® Therapy Training (BLTT) is your portal to enhancing brain function and developing a career in brain health and longevity. BLTT is about applying lifestyle modalities to modify risk factors that contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It also offers hands-on tips for people who already have AD (especially at the early stages) and shows each student the proven steps to take to help their clients prevent this disease. The program, which is based on decades of science and ARPF-designed research on integrative medicine, is also clinically proven to slow the development of dementia. 

We’ve seen great success in healthy aging using our protocol. Want to have the world’s greatest holistic and yogic techniques for brain health at your fingertips? Discover more here.


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